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Friday, March 16

TED Talks: Honda Power of Dreams Failure

Posted by Leslie

TED Talk Takeaways: Honda Power of Dreams Failure

  • Honda’s approach to innovation – Trial and error; We can only make fantastic advances in technology through many failures; the idea is that you can fail 100 times as long as you succeed one
  • When we make mistakes it’s hard to handle because everybody is focused on and wants to see the improvement
  • Failure is a byproduct of pushing the envelope; innovation is pushing the envelope until things fail; failing is not a bad thing as long as you learn from it and do something positive with it
  • When Honda’s racing company, Honda Performance Development, started racing in 1994, the program was a massive failure; the engines they built wouldn’t work; they would literally explode into tiny parts under the car; car after car had the engines fail
  • There were a lot of failures in 1994; those failures led to a new engine in 1995
  • Honda improved their engines step-by-step to a point where finally in ’95 they won their first race and in ’96 they won the championship
  • Now Honda is the sole supplier for the Indy Racing League
  • To improve upon something you have to take a chance and when you take a chance, more than likely mistakes are going to be made, but when you learn from it, it’s a good thing
  • Thomas Edison said about the light bulb – I never failed, it just didn’t work 10,000 times
  • At 10,001 it lit up
When look at it that way, were those failures?

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